iSuppli: 12.1 Million Units in 2011 CDMA iPhone

NEW YORK - Certainty of the largest U.S. telecom operator, Verizon, launching the latest series of iPhone is predicted to increase total output of Apple's smartphone shipments up to 33 percent. Thus the results of recent research agency business information, HIS iSuppli.

HIS iSuppli predicts Apple will sell approximately 12.1 million CDMA version of the iPhone through Verizon and other operators throughout 2011. This will increase the number of iPhone shipments to 61.2 million units this year, or 24.5 percent more than that offered by HSPA phones from AT & T in the U.S. and other operators around the world.

Cellular-News launched on Wednesday (01/12/2011), CDMA model will play an important role in the number of shipping units of the iPhone, which is estimated to increase to 33.3 percent this year. Meanwhile, without CDMA, adding the number of deliveries estimated at only seven percent.

"The emergence of the CDMA version and the addition of Verizon as the operator, will increase market share for the iPhone," said Tina Teng, a senior analyst for the HIS.

"Prospective customers and old iPhone customers in the U.S. had long been waiting for an alternative to the AT & T," he continued.

In a statement, Verizon promises, customers can start buying the iPhone 4, 10 February. Cooperation between Verizon with Apple to make this latest iPhone itself has been going on for two years. (srn)

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