Affiliate program is a program where a person will get a commission if he succeeded in getting people to see, try, or buy a particular product's service atu seller. (MERCANT)
On the Internet, there are many affiliate programs, such as:
~ Pay-Per-Clik, Pay-Per-Led, and so on.
However, due to seek and follow this program is one that clearly did not work efficiently and effectively, through the site Associate Provider Program (AAP) which contains a directory of many sellers.

Denagn have one account on the site, members can be a marketer's product or service from the many merchant without registration satru by one, and affiliates can choose the category you want and can participate.

After registering a member, you will get an affiliate url as marketers a unique code. Affiliate url that would be in use by each affiliate merchants to market products that can be placed on blogs, websites, or in adword (for those who do not have a blog or website)

Address Associte Provider Program
AAP programs address the most popular for today is ClickBank.com. Unfortunately, Clickbank until now not been able to provide services for the local member of Indonesia.
But you can still follow a lot of affiliate programs from some of the following affiliate marketplace.
~ Amazon.com
~ Playdotcom.com
~ Clicksor.com
~ eBay.com
~ Linkshare.com
and much more



Having a penchant for playing games could actually produces money as well. With online games, you can penetrate the lost time when the fun playing games with the commission or a gift that we get pretty good sometimes.

 * Address for Paid to Play Games ~
To join and be a player, simply register via the form provided and you can instantly play at the following website addresses:

The game of stock market simulation, where participants can melkukan tarnsaksi buying and selling virtual shares in the capital. At the end of the round, the participants with the highest porto value will get a gift of $ 100, payable through Paypal.

This photo guessing game memberihadiah for $ 10 to the winner. Paypal.Dalam also paid through this game, participants can only take 1 game a week.
and many other sites.


In the virtual world can suppose that as a field of endless money,''like''the field is how basic, actually had a lot of hidden treasures that can be dug and be possessed by those keen to see opportunities in it.

Although no denying that since the dotcom boom in the late 90's, many online businesses are uprooted. But the fact still prove that the virtual world with all the knick-knacks in it still had a lot of 'Mysteries' hidden and untapped.

One of the 'Miracle' is a virtual world there are many cash machines which can be obtained premises little capital mengelurkan or no capital at all.
Rice fields in the form of free websites or blogs that are readily available everywhere, man, just a few ways that can be done to mine money.

The fact that citizen media activists or bloggers can make money from the internet, perhaps hipotensis can justify this.
Henry Copeland, founder of BlogAds.com, saying that a blogger could be pocketing $ 2,000 to $ 10,000 / month from ads placed on blogs.
In fact, groups of Democratic and Republican Party in the United States, has paid bloggers tga in the election (Business Week, 11 May 2005).

There are so many business models emerging in cyberspace, so many people appear to be successful materially from the virtual world with a search engine, sell products or services online, advertise, blind blogs, and so on.

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