SET TOP BOX (STB) or set-up a unique (STU) is a device that connects between the external signal to the television so that the signals can be displayed on the television screen.



Other titles are electronic links or electronic paper displays, is one of the display technology designed to make the look like printed ink on paper. Unlike the other display is also on show to display a more active video changed, e-paper does not require a refresh time denagn quick response.
That the priority is the ability to display text and images, and minimal power requirements



Touch screen (Touch screen) is a display that can detect the location coordinates of a touch, TOUCH SCREEN allows both the input device, replace the keyboard or mouse.
In addition to the PC, TOUCH SCREEN also in use on a variety of MOBILE devices, including PDAs and smartphones. Several other similar variant is to use the stylus usage, to improve the detection accuracy of the coordinates.



Cooling devices are the main functions, specifically to cool the CPU / Processor, the simplest type is to use heatsinks.
heatsinks and fun (HSF). Water cooling system or cooling method phasechange is another component that is also often used to cool the processor



Initially, Blackberry introduced in 1999 as TWO - WAY pager, a popular text messaging in the U.S., with a mono chrome.
New in 2002, Blackberry smrtphone began introducing products with attractive color screen, which of course serves as a mobile telephone, Supports Push e-mail, sms, Internet Faxing, web brosing, danlainnya.
developed by Research In Motion (RIM), a Canadian-based company, he also has the support of like a PDA, such as address book, calendar, to-do list, and so on, its more recent models in the know with the ability to send and receive e-mails, Blackberry message, and integrated qwerty keyboard.



emotion is a picture of mood or expression of the user specify a text or icon image.
Emotions are most often used and known many people is smile faces.



3D is a representation of 3D geometric data as a result of the processing and delivery of light effects on 2D computer graphics.
This sometimes results in the display in real time for simulation in general, which in principle similar to that used go round 2D computer graphics, the use of algorithms, vector graphics, wire frame model and its graphic raster.



Hight Speed Packet Access (HSPA) is a collection of standard ynang protocol type used in mobile phone technology, and is part of the development of UMTS technology (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) or better known technology called THIRD - GENERATION (3G). including HSPDA is the standard High - speed Downlink Packet Access (HSPDA) and High - Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA).



Phishing or fraud is a form of fraud premises experiment ways to get important information, such as credit card passwords, by masquerading as a man or a trusted business in an official electronic communication, such as e-mail or instant messages.
The term phishing in the English language is derived from fishing (fishing), in this case means the fishing of financial information, and user password.


conclusions API

Thus, the API is in open communication by persahaan software, so that can be utilized by third-party developers to design applications that take advantage of their services with ease.
Interested in making client applications for facebook, twitter, or amazon.com?
Please learn and use their API ...!


How It Works API?

API allows an application to communicate with other applications on the Internet through a series of calls (call). An API, by definition is something that defines how two entities to communicate. The entity here is a real different software (in service) denagn other software. With API calls - call back - through inter-regulated through a web application service.
Web service is a collection of technical standards and protocols, including XML (Entensible Markup Language) is the common language used by the application - the application for communicating on the Internet.
API itself is a set of software code is written as a series of XML messages.


API ( Aplication Programming Interface )

What is API?
API is a series of programming instructions and standards for accessing applications or web-based services.
API is the software - software interface to _, not user interface.
With the API, the application - applications communicate with each other without any intervention from the user.
When you enter credit card numbers to shop at these online stores will use the API to send credit card information to applications from other companies that verifikasi credit card.
If the credit card verification application states that the information you input correctly, the application will send a response back to the online store where you shop and declare that the payment process can be done, the communication between the application process online store with credit card verification applications on fully done without any human intervention.


API ( Aplication Programming Interface )

Abbreviation of Application Programming Interface, a collection, like the definition of a way how the software communicates with other software.
API is one method of doing abstraction (programming), usually (but not always) between low-level software and a higher level.

Example: To put it simply is how you ask the computer to write unyuk HELLO WORLD, the monitor of course there are lots of ways, and the easiest way is to open notepad, Typescript HELLO world, then save it as HTML files, then open the file with a web browser, your computer has been ordered HELLO WORLD to write in a web browser via HTML code.



Like it or have a hobby Photographic?
 Do not let your work, you just missed. Because of the internet there are many web sites that are willing to buy the work with a decent price.

Publishers, web owners, or those who need a photo or image is usually the party needs this kind of product. The more unique photos that you have, the greater the opportunity to sell expensive.

If any photos that you have no wish to sell, but simply on the trophy, the Commission from the download or even just from the view visitors can also get.

~ Shutterstok.com
~ Dreamstime.com
~ Fotolia.com
~ and many more other addresses.


Codec is enconding or deconding process on a signal or a digital data stream, In accordance with the algorithm in use. Codec can be used with a special hardware device, or a program that emulates the program.



if you like to write, PAID TO WRITE OR PAID TO REVIEW is a fun program for the follow. As the name suggests, you'll be paid just to write opiniyang successfully loaded about a product, service, or a particular web.
Writing can be viewed on your own blog or on your blog or web service provider's. Except for this program, you must be proficient in English writing and generally must have a blog with a particular visitor (if you want to write a review on a product that never in use and get paid in dollars for each successful writing in the fit, able to in trying Pintunet.com). More and more visitors to your blog, The greater the opportunity to get paid more.

Why would a writer, Publishers, or a blogger could be paid to write?
Not deny again, companies or people who have products, services or whatever you want in promoting (through the internet) requires the publication. More parties who publish or review the product or service, the greater the expectations of products or services to the familiar. Therefore, not impossible if the advertiser willing to pay dearly for an article that can be written blogs that have many visitors.
Product or service viewed on a blog that has a lot of visitors, would have a huge opportunity in unyuk become more familiar with, because the products viewed generally must include a link to a particular address on purpose.
So, What is done by the publisher or blogger to start this program is to have a blog with content speak english. Blog will be made when applying sempel as a writer. If approved by the advertiser, Publisher must write a review or article is already approved in their blogs and will get paid for it. However, if not have a blog, you can still follow the program that does not require kepimilikan blog. One is stunya Daytipper.com On this site, you can write tips and lightweight pratis after login with a minimum fee $ 1 per post if loaded.

~ About.com
~ Bloginvesta.com
~ Bloggerwave.com
~ Blogitive.com
~ Linkworth.com
~ Helium.com
~ Mashable.com
~ and many more other addresses.



Pay-per-lead is one of the affiliate program, where the merchant (who sell the products) will be paid to the member who directs or invites visitors into the merchant site and fill out a purchase form or registration online, though no sales transaction.

Travel agents, education agents, or the software maker, is the sides are using this program. Merchant expect after a visitor or try registering the product on offer, there will be action in the form of product purchase. To this member will be paid.
Although the pay commission smaller compared with the pay-per-sale, but the pay-per-lead affiliate more easily. because only invites visitors fill amplikasi or try a product. Real-world examples equal PPL marketing agency credit card that will get commission from the applications already on the contents of the prospective users, although in the end credit card is not in use.
# Some address PPL Affiliates
APP addresses other than pre-existing, some of which provide the program address PPL are as follows:
~ Awy.com
~ Clipart.com
~ Cj, com
~ paypal.com
~ valueclick.com
~ werlive.com
and much more.



In a pay-per-click (PPC), memberakan get paid if the work to make others see the website or blog owned merchant by clicking on the merchant's ad.
Ads pay-per-click that appear on the website or blog can be tesk or banners (images).
This PPC program launched by the advertisers who will pay a certain calculation perhitunga, Every ikaln in the form of text or banner is clicked by visitors.

In the PPC, including perimpression ads, which will pay per the number of ads viewed visitors.
For example, the system programs 'cost per 1000 impressions "(CPM), means the owner of the web pages will be paid when their clients' ads displayed 1000 times - without visitors denagn or click on the ad.

This program is really in love by the owner or a web blog, because with only placing ads on the click or viewed by visitors, members will earn money regardless of whether there will be sales generated from these clicks.

Some Address PPC / Per Impression.
Some of these addresses is where you can register by providing dirisebagai publisher profile on blog or website.
Spaceberupa text or banner ads will appear on your blog or website publishar format selected according to each of these service providers.
The following addresses are available:
~ adbrite, com
~ adhearus.org
~ google.com / adsense
~ bclick.com
and much more.

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