Skype in China, Onward Abstinence Retreat

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SAN FRANCISCO - Company free VoIP communication service provider, Skype, denied that he was providing services illegally. In fact, they reject the threat of the Chinese government.

"Our service is not illegal. Internet users in China can access Skype through TOM Online, our joint venture company. TOM Online offers a localized version of Skype for Windows, Mac, and several other mobile platforms like Symbian and Windows Mobile,"said the Skype in his statement , quoted from Tech Radar, Friday (12/31/2010).

Unfortunately the Skype does not provide detailed information about the possibility the company would pull out of China if the local government to provide pressure.

"Sorry, we are not allowed to provide comments related to rumors or speculation,"said the Skype.

China, which recently announced a number of Internet users reached 450 million this year, does have a pretty strict censorship of information scrolling on the internet. Skype is considered as one of the most widely used by activists to communicate because of the virtual world is not charging anything.

According to the Chinese government, only two telecommunications providers in China alone has the right to deploy VoIP services, namely China Telecom and China Unicom.

Ministry of ICT industry in China also asked Skype for not too expand in China. With this announcement means that Skype will not have the freedom to grow in China.

Currently mobile Internet users in China reached 15 million people. (srn)


Japanese Zoo Develop iPhone Applications

Kochi - Some local zoo in Japan have begun to provide information about animals that they have through smart phones, which aims to attract more visitors more.

In August, Kyoto City Zoo in the city of Kyoto has launched a free iPhone application that contains information about the animals they have. These applications provide a map of the zoo, also the location of the nearest animal, when iPhone users are in the Kyoto City Zoo. Similarly, as quoted by Japan Today, Thursday (30/12/2010).

These applications, developed jointly by the zoo together with an institute funded by the Kyoto city government, has been downloaded more than a thousand times, according to the zoo.

Meanwhile, Noichi Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture in Konan also has launched a valuable application 230 Yen by local companies there, which issued in November last.

Noichi applications launched by the Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture using the Android OS, offers many features, among others, information on animals in the zoo, the animal sound samples and allow users to set the voices are to be used as alarm .

"We plan to update the information in the application from time to time, so that visitors can continue to enjoy our service, although they had often visited," said the zoo Noichi.

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